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Get to know Omar

"My family moved to Lake Mary when I was 1-year-old. Ever since then, this small yet fast-growing city has been my home. As second-generation immigrants, my family and I have been lucky enough to contribute to the increasingly diverse community that is part of what makes Lake Mary a unique and vibrant place to live. Giving back to that community through public service would be the opportunity of a lifetime and I would be honored to serve you. Lake Mary needs a visionary who sees the city not only for what it currently is, but for what it can become. Right now, we are at a critical moment in our city’s history, and we can choose to either lead the way forward as a model municipality or stand idly by and wait for change. I propose we choose the former and start investing in our future as a city."

Omar is an undergraduate student at Rollins College seeking a bachelor’s in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. He is involved in the Bonner Leaders Program and has served as a Senator in Student Government. He is a proud graduate of Seminole County Public Schools and attended Crystal Lake Elementary, Millennium Middle School and Crooms AOIT.

At 19, I understand how some might conflate youth with inexperience. But I can assure you, I’ve had no shortage of experience when it comes to getting involved and making an impact.

My Experience:

  • Intern at the City of Winter Park’s Sustainability Department

    Managed and developed the city’s Green Business Recognition Program and reviewed city ordinance writing to ensure they were in accordance with state and federal law.

  • Member of Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy’s (FL-07) Youth Advisory Board

    Worked with the Congresswoman on a number of different issues and served as a representative on behalf of younger constituents throughout Florida’s 7th congressional district.

  • Member of the Business Advisory Council and School Advisory Council at Crooms AOIT.

    Worked in coordination with business leaders and school administration on fundraising initiatives. Oversaw and balanced multiple committee budgets related to student-oriented events and programs.

  • Senator and Parliamentarian at Rollins College Student Government Association

    Advocated on behalf of the student body and served as counsel on procedural conduct and Robert’s Rules of Order.

As I bring it home to the Lake Mary community, I want to use the opportunities and enriching experiences I’ve had to advocate on behalf of all our residents.